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What we do

HPA works in the fields of education, health, communication, youth development, civic engagement and change management, among others. We conduct research and undertake evaluations, help clients develop strategies, and produce publications with and for our clients. These activities connect seamlessly as we collaborate with clients to innovate and build knowledge.

Research and evaluation

HPA conducts qualitative, quantitative and evaluative research designed to fill knowledge gaps and inform solutions to the challenges our clients face. Over a period of 20 years years close on 60 assignments have been undertaken. Click here for some recent examples.

Strategy development

HPA’s work in strategy development involves collaborative problem-solving processes to identify cost-effective client-centred solutions to strategic questions. Click here for assignments that demonstrate the range of approximately 30 such assignments undertaken.

Customised publishing

Over the years we have conceptualised, edited and managed the production of over 80 publications including books, annual reports, training guides, brochures, case studies and academic publications. Click here for selected examples.